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So You Bought Some Pearls...

Now the questions is, how do I wear them and what can I wear them with?

If you are like me, jewelry generally purchased for a specific outfit will sit in my jewelry box waiting for that outfit to be brought out of the closet again. But no longer with pearls!

Take this necklace, for instance.

It was my foray into the pearl universe when Victoria gave it to me. Slightly intimidated by how fancy it was, I barely saw it the first few months it was in my possession.

However, now it has become a staple in my jewelry box, I don't know what I would do without my pearl tassels.

From my experience, to really incorporate pearls into your wardrobe, you just have to get out there and wear them! It is only then that one realizes just how very versatile they are.

This necklace was so beautiful I wanted to wear it all the time, so as I created my outfits for the day, or sorted through my clothes, I would randomly put it on or hold it up to a shirt or dress and was absolutely shocked by how often I could wear it.

This 1920's style necklace no longer intimidates me! I now am paring it with everything from jeans and sandals to lace bridesmaids dresses and evening wear!

I am no longer intimidated when it comes to this gem!

No matter the style, length or color....PEARLS really are this girls best friend!


Abigail Jacobsen is a featured writer and fellow marketing partner for