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Crazy about pearls!

Yay! You got here...

I am so glad you stopped by!

This website is devoted not only to the subject of pearls, but as a place for you to find encouragement to live your life fully! As most of you know, I am just crazy about pearls! I wear pearls, talk about pearls, give away pearls and have access to some of the best pearls on the planet! But more so, I love to teach about pearls!


Because, pearls are in, pearls have purpose and pearls are a reminder that there is beauty from adversity! So really, despite what Hollywood says, PEARLS are really a girls best friend, when it comes to fashion!

They are classic, trendy, whimsical and fun! They exude confidence and power, but also femininity and grace.

Pearls were your grandmothers main "go to" and they should be yours as well!

Unlike diamonds, pearls illuminate your skin and make you glow. They can be worn with t-shirts and jeans, or that darling little black dress. And giving a gift of pearls, with a story behind them, is one of the most valued gifts on the planet!

So follow me into an arena of fashion, style, fun and life! There is meaning behind the story of the pearl, and we want to spread the news!

We are just beginning, so sign up on my email list and let me not only keep you in the loop, but allow me to send you updates and coupons for you to use on one of those rainy shopping days! It's from me to you!


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