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Top 7 Reasons to Wear Pearls at Next Sales Meeting

Found this great article! Enjoy!

Business Fashion for Women Executives: Why Pearl Jewelry Should Be Present

at Your Next Sales Presentation By: Amanda Raab in Healthy Wealthy and Wise (A business Article)

Power Point Presentation… Check. Killer Suit… Check. Great Hair… Check. Nails… Check. Imperial South Sea Strand of Pearls… Check!

No, I’m not kidding! Yes, you are reading it right.

I added pearl jewelry to the list of things you must have for a successful sales presentation if you want to be a successful businesswoman executive.

Here’s why.

For centuries women and men have adorned themselves with pearls, knowing that these enticing orbs represent power, wealth and prestige. So it’s no surprise that one of the most popular jewelry choices for professional women today should be one of the most enduring.

But, even the most style-savvy among us women business executives can get lost when it comes to dressing for events and business meetings where impressions are everything.

In fact, among the many entertaining byproducts of The Apprentice, this most recent series proved that the issue of what to wear in a corporate environment remains unresolved for women.

While the men, even the youngest, looked comfortable in suits, the women often struggled with finding a business fashion sense that would clearly emphasize their business credibility.

Here are My Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Wear Pearls

at Your Next Sales Presentation:

  1. In a world where first impressions are everything, a strand of pearls says it all. People will form an impression of you within seven seconds of your first meeting. Every successful businesswoman executive knows these first impressions can either make or break your sale.

  2. When you want to close the sale you must convey an inner sense of power, knowledge and accomplishment. Therefore, you’ll want to dress to impress. A single, simple pearl holds the mysteries of creation, perfection and timeless elegance within its layers. It softly speaks of those secrets with a quiet but undeniable radiance.

  3. They are speaking for their owners in volumes. Whether it’s a simple pair of Akoya stud earrings, or a majestic South Sea strand, pearls in boardrooms across the country are making an entrance. Pearl jewelry affirms that women are strong, independent and in control of the business that awaits them.

  4. Pearls gently yet firmly attest to a sense of effortless style, grace and good taste. That’s why pearl jewelry is not just for dinner parties anymore. They are the essential accoutrement to the modern-day Power Suit.

  5. A well-chosen strand of pearls needs no other adornment. Pearl jewelry does not need flowery garlands of gold, dangling gemstones or other unnecessary details. Pearls stand alone, unique and unfettered by excess, with a simple, no-nonsense approach to dressing for success in the business world.

  6. Pearls convey that image of the simple, straightforward yet chic woman who is in control of her world. That’s why women who hold positions of prominence in politics and business understand that pearls are irreplaceable assets in their wardrobes. Just look at what Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi wore on Election night and to her swearing in ceremony.

  7. A simple string of pearls gives you instant elegance. It's an accessory you don't have to think about. It immediately adds class and takes your outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. And at the same time it won’t have people staring at your ears in a business meeting as they would if you wore the chandeliers. This way, your prospects will listen to what you have to say.

So, during your next make it or break it sales meeting, what are you going to wear…

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