My Story....

Many people walk around with happy faces and what appears to be perfect lives.  I was told that I was one of those people.  I became a Christian right before I was married and it was a new place of happiness.  I worked so hard to do everything correctly, desiring so much to  be a perfect wife and a perfect mother.  I was like a sponge!  People would give me advise and I would read books and books and really thought I had all the answers.  Do this, don't do this, add this, and be this and everything will be perfect. I followed rules, worked hard, prayed, read the Bible and loved my life. 

But then....


When one is blindsided in the way of a  severe illness, sudden death of a loved one, betrayal, or even slander, it cuts so deep that it threatens to take your very life and everything is questioned.  One tries to remove the pain, but it is so deeply inside that nothing can be done.  Nothing on our own, that is!  Slowly joy departs and resentment and bitterness take its place. I have experienced this first hand. 


Enter:  The story of the Pearl


Most everyone knows that a pearl comes from an oyster, but did you know that not every oyster creates a pearl.  The pearl is formed, not by a grit of sand just getting inside (something so commonly told in error)  but by a worm or other irritant cutting through and damaging the mantle, which is the layer inside the shell that protects the oysters internal organs.  This is a tremendous wound and irritation to the oyster and the threat of it causing further damage to it causes it to go into action.  The oyster immediately deposits a substance called nacre, also known as mother of pearl, onto the irritant. 


The nacre is actually calcium carbonate crystals that are laid in such a way that reflects light from within.  This is the same substance that coats the inner part of the shell.  The formation of a beautiful pearl comes from the allowance of the irritant to be turned into something beautiful. 


 Many of us are like the oyster, just minding our business from day to day.  And then out of the blue, something hard attacks our very inner being.  We are blindsided by something that hits us to the core.  We cry "no", "I can't take it!"  but it is there to stay.    


" Doth not nature itself teach us?"  


If the Oyster did not respond with the nacre, it would die, for the intruder would continue to burrow and eat the oyster from within.   Nature teaches us this truth.  The oyster applies the nacre to protect itself, and we must, too.  When a severe trial comes, and there is no way for us to change it, we must deal with it "in grace" or it will cause further harm.


How many people have we seen that have allowed the irritant to burrow deeper into their lives?  They have become bitter and angrier at life due to the unwillingness of accepting it.  Soon that bitterness turns to mental or physical illness. Sometimes even death.  But what is the "nacre" we are to apply?  This my friend is a most wonderful truth.  The true "nacre" is the Lord.  Only HE can help us rest when there seems no hope.  Only HE can give us the grace to trust  that  there will come beauty from it if but we must allow Him to do the work.  WE must trust  that all things will work together for good.   That there will be beauty out of adversity.    


So back to me.  I decided that "having it all together" is one of the main ways that we get blindsided.  This is my story....

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In my next writing, we will focus on God's nacre.