Because in giving, we live!

I have been inspired by so many who have partnered with foundations and organizations.  From environmental needs to raising awareness in affliction, with the story of the Pearl in hand,  we are more than ready to spread the news.  Please let us consider yours!  Email me and let me work with you as you seek to raise money for awareness.  I will come and help host  a Pearl event and  donate a portion to the charity or cause of your choice.  Or better yet, let's put our heads  together and come up with a packaged item representing your cause.


One foundation, that has touched my heart, is the Save Palawan Seas Foundation (SPSF) !  Oh my!  This foundation aims to create workable and sustainable livelihood alternatives for communities in Plaawan, Southern Philippines.  This is where my favorite South Sea Pearls come from and their passion for preserving, protecting and rehabilitating the environment is unsurpassed!  Best of all, they take care of their community!  If you have a chance, it would be worth checking out their website here: