I am a woman of Faith, a wife, a mother, a teacher, an entrepreneur, an artist, a traveler and so passionate about pearls that it kills me.  I have sought to bring the subject of Pearls into every avenue of my life!  I wear pearls, study pearls, teach about pearls, encourage others with pearls, and sell pearls.  I have sat under multiple tutors, read articles, books, and researched about pearls and my goal is to continue my passionate journey with you!  

Pearls represent beauty from adversity, purpose in trial, and my passion lies right there.  I love the story of the Pearl of Great Price, the wisdom about throwing pearls before swine, and the encouragement of how human life parallels this great journey of the Pearl.  I have seen so many people suffer hardships without a place to "file" them!  I want to help!

Join me on this journey...Let's live on purpose, choose joy in adversity and allow the beauty of trials to transform us into beauty!  

And while we are doing this....let's wear pearls!  




Victoria Councell spent most of her youth on the shores of the Puget Sound and the San Juan Island region of Washington State.   She loved the water and grew up under the tutorage of a father who loved pearls.  When her family moved to Albuquerque, NM she entered college at the University and  struggled with her purpose.  She transfered to Boston and attended a women's college and soon In her final year, decided to let the LORD lead her on in her future!  So He brought the man of her dreams into her life , married him, had 5 children and immediately her life became a beautiful painting! 

  In the 33 years she has been married, she  has homeschooled her children, helped run her husbands jewelry business in the Caribbean, studied nutrition and preventative health, involved herself in elderly care, worked as an organizational mentor, planned large Bible conferences and most recently purchased an old Chateau in France that she and her husband are restoring and setting up as a destination.  Through it all, she found that her greatest love of all was to help others and since the jewelry business was their main breadwinner, she decided to take it to the next level and  in 2001, entered the GIA Institute's Graduate of Pearls program where she obtained her certificate.  Pearls have been her passion and through extensive Biblical and nominal studies, she has decided that the pearl is the perfect metiphor  to encourage other women in the joy of allowing the adversity in our lives to produce beauty!   Join her as she seeks to bring pearls back to the forefront of society and allow her to pour into your life:  PURPOSE!